Malaysian Tort Law Student Edition by Wan Azlan Ahmad


Malaysian Tort Law Student Edition by Wan Azlan Ahmad

Author Wan Azlan Ahmad & Mohsin Hingun
Publication Date Aug - 2019
ISBN 9789672187998
Format Softcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Malaysian Tort Law Student Edition gives a complete study of Malaysian tort law using an analytical methodology. In addition to the tort of negligence, less frequent torts such as wrongs in the judicial process, breach of statutory duty, harassment, strict liability, animal liability, and international tort to the person are all included.

Other common torts, such as annoyance, occupiers' liability, defamation, and product liability, are thoroughly examined. To round out the debate, the themes of vicarious liability, remedies, and appropriate defences are thoroughly examined.

Malaysian Tort Law Student Edition attempts to analyse Malaysian tort law in light of recent developments in important Commonwealth jurisdictions, focusing on issues that have and have not been addressed by local appellate courts. When local appellate courts do not have jurisdiction over certain matters.

Where local precedent is lacking, the book aims to chart a course for the future evolution of Malaysian law, led by judicial opinion and analyses of international policy matters. The writers have used their extensive knowledge to thoroughly analyse the law in order to provide a text that is both instructional and useful to students learning tort law.

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ISBN: 9789672187998

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