My Story: Justice in the Wilderness by Tommy Thomas| Hardcover *Collectors Edition*


My Story: Justice in the Wilderness Hardcover

by Tommy Thomas

Author Tommy Thomas
Publication Date 2021
ISBN 9789672464228
Format Hardcover
Publisher SIRD


Tommy Thomas, the first private practitioner to be chosen Attorney General of Malaysia in nearly 70 years, recounts his time in the country's top legal office in this deeply personal book: : My Story: Justice in the Wilderness.

The former Attorney General explains crucial judgments, such as prosecuting former Prime Minister Najib Razak, Jho Low, Arul Kanda, and Goldman Sachs for their participation in the 1MDB affair.

His book is the first insider account of the triumphs, disappointments, and failings of the first non-Barisan administration in Malaysia's 60-year history by a top Pakatan Harapan government official. This frank biography captures his genuine voice and is essential reading for anybody interested in Malaysian politics and law.

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ISBN: 9789672464228

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