S.P. Tyagi Criminal Trial: Law, Practice & Procedure, 8th Edition

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S.P. Tyagi Criminal Trial: Law, Practice & Procedure, 8th Edition

Author S.P. Tyagi
Publication Date 2022
ISBN 9788193250839
Format Hardcover
Publisher Vinod Publications

To ensure "Fair Trial" is the main goal of a criminal trial. Naturally, a fair trial has two goals in mind: it must be fair to both the prosecution and the accused. From this dual perspective, the least amount of fairness in a criminal trial must be assessed. This fundamental standard of fairness has been taken into consideration when presenting this book to the readers. About 2,000 recent judgements from the High Courts and Supreme Court have been added to the current version of the venerable book. including landmark rulings from the supreme court on issues like criminology, crimino-penology, victimology, and the rights of the accused in a speedy criminal trial. This new edition is far more comprehensive and educational because it has 600 additional pages than the previous edition. My goal in publishing this work is to present a thorough and authentic encyclopaedic work on theoretical and procedural aspects of law related to criminal trial to the bar, bench, enforcement agency, and students of law.

Table of Contents For S.P. Tyagi Criminal Trial: Law, Practice & Procedure, 8th Edition:

1. Introductory and Preliminary
2. Basic Rights and Privileges ofan accused in a Criminal Trial
3. Law Relating to Terms “Trial” and Cognizance”
4. Importance of Arrest, Investigation and “Search and Seizure” provisions in “Criminal Trial”
5. Constitution and Powers of Criminal Courts
6. Trial of Juvenile Offenders
7. Practice and Procedure of Summons and Summary Trial
8. Trial of Police Challan Warrant cases by Magistrates
9. Practice and Procedure of rial of Complaint Cases
10. Sessions Trial – Practice and Procedure
11. Hearing on the Question of Sentence and Imposition of Sentence including Death Sentence
12. Role of F.I.R. Motive and Res Gestae in Criminal Trial
13. Direct and Circumstantial Evidence
14. Dying Declaration
15. Identification of Accused and Property
16. Examination of Accused under Section 313 Code of Criminal Procedure
17. Admissions Confessions and Recovery under Section 27 Evidence Act
18. Principles of Appreciation of Prosecution and Defence Evidence and Conduct of Accused
19. Appreciation of Eidence of various Types of Witnesses
20. Final Report and Protest Petition
21. Law of Limitation in Criminal Trials
22. Principles of Disposal of Property
23. Interlocutory Orders
24. Law of Sanction
25. Provisions of Bail and Bail Bonds
26. Quashing of Proceedings
27. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence, Act, 2005
28. Plea of Bargaining and its impact on Criminal Justice Delivery System

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ISBN: 9788193250839

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