Strata Title in Singapore and Malaysia, 7th Edition by Teo Keang Sood | 2023 (E-Book)

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Strata Title in Singapore and Malaysia, 7th Edition (E-Book) by Teo Keang Sood | 2023

Author Teo Keang Sood
Publication Date 2023
ISBN 9789815019582
Format E-Book
Publisher LexisNexis


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The only authoritative book with a sole emphasis on strata titles in Malaysia and Singapore.

• Updated case law since the 2020 edition and a significant change to Singaporean and Malaysian law.
• Contains updates to the Sarawak laws, Land Titles (Strata) Act, and Singapore Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act.
• In order to reflect current situations based on judicial decisions issued in Singapore and Malaysia, more than 30 fresh instances have been found.
• Covers important decisions made by Singapore's strata title boards.

Table of Contents of Strata Title in Singapore and Malaysia, 7th Edition (E-Book)

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Application and Requirements for Subdivision of Building or Land
Chapter 3 Phased Development
Chapter 4 Maintenance and Management of Building and Common Property Prior to Formation of Management Corporation or Subsidiary Management Corporation
Chapter 5 Lots / Parcels and Accessory Lots / Accessory Parcels
Chapter 6 Common Property and Limited Common Property
Chapter 7 The Management Corporation and Subsidiary Management Corporation
Chapter 8 The Original Proprietor
Chapter 9 The Council / Management Committee and Executive Committee / Subsidiary Management Committee
Chapter 10 The Subsidiary / Parcel Proprietors
Chapter 11 Meetings of Proprietors
Chapter 12 Share Value / Share Unit Entitlements
Chapter 13 Finances and Insurance
Chapter 14 Managing Agents
Chapter 15 By-Laws
Chapter 16 Variation or Termination of Strata Subdivision Scheme
Chapter 17 Resolution of Disputes
Chapter 18 Subdivision of Low-Cost Building
Chapter 19 Conversion of Leases of Flats under Other Schemes to Strata Title
Chapter 20 Foreign Ownership

About The Author

Professor Teo Keang Sood is an expert in strata title and a panel member of the Strata Titles Boards. He specialises in land law, strata title, and tax, and his work has been recognised favourably by courts in both Singapore and Malaysia as well as in international publications. Professor Teo has published a great deal of work in his fields of study, and his publications on the subjects have gotten favourable reviews. He has presented these works both locally and internationally.

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