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Author Dato' Mahadev Shankar, Collated and edited by Santhi Latha.
Publication Date Dec 2021


Soft Cover
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
“While the book’s relatable content carries you through time, it has a wealth of wisdom. This work is a rousing hybrid of memoir and manifesto. … This book has those extra treats tucked in between the pages with a quirkiness not every writer is blessed with. Sometimes the edges are blurred in a way that highlights that place where stories and real life converge, where magic contains truth and the world as it appears is more intriguing.”
From the Foreword by
Tan Sri Datuk Zainun Ali
Former Federal Court Judge of Malaysia 

Summum Bonum (The Ultimate Good) presents the life, experiences and reflections of former Court of Appeal judge, Dato’ Mahadev Shankar. It contains stories which are absorbing, some even tantalising, as readers travel with the author down memory lane and immerse in the unfolding of a life well lived. From early Malaya to WWII, England, family law reform and the pebbled road from Bar to Bench, this book is peppered with the struggles and aspirations of one man on his legal journey. A must-read for members of the legal community, this book brings to life the roots and rich history of the legal community in Malaysia.

This book serves an intimate account about culture, family and one man’s life-long encounter with the law. The author provides insight and colourful perspectives about a Malaya that needs to be remembered, and about the journeys of many brave and resolute men and women who blazed the trail for the Malaysian legal profession.

A deeply moving and often colourful memoir, with its share of humour and historical figures from Malaya, England and Singapore, Summum Bonum will greatly interest the different stakeholders in the legal profession as well as the society at large. The author shares powerful lessons about the law, our collective history and the evolution of a nation much beloved. The celebrity anecdotes included will certainly be a great bonus to the readers as this book which explodes with extraordinary verve about key legal and historical personalities.


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