The Brotherhood of The Marsh


Urghlings:  The Brotherhood of The Marsh

Author Wu Yonggang
Publication Date 2023
ISBN 9780648755227
Hard Cover

In this account of modest lives filled with both happiness and hardship, a group of comrades from Penang's St. Xavier's Institution shares their experiences of growing up together yet leading separate lives. Their narratives intertwine with those of their ancestors who migrated to Malaya after enduring arduous journeys, fleeing poverty and famine in their homelands only to confront a Japanese invasion and racial conflicts in their new home. Wu Yonggang employs The Water Margin theme to depict their everyday struggles in the 20th century, a choice that might draw criticism from those who find it an exaggerated comparison to the dramatic ups and downs faced by the heroes of the Song dynasty. Although their journey lacks the heroic deeds of the Liangshan bandits—like rebelling against corrupt officials or challenging the emperor's rule—their pursuit remains commendable for their courage and pioneering spirit in seeking a better life in unfamiliar territories.

About the author(s):

Wu Yonggang was born in Penang, Malaysia, and moved to Australia in 1977. The Brotherhood of The Marsh is his third book, after Urghlings - The Ugliness of Earthlings (2019) and Urghlings 2 - The Ugliness of Earthlings (2021)

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ISBN: 9780648755227

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