The Penal Code: A Commentary by Srimurugan Alagan | 2023 (eBook)

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The Penal Code: A Commentary by Srimurugan Alagan | 2023 (eBook)

Author Srimurugan Alagan
Publication Date Aug 2023
ISBN 9786297527277
Format Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

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Description of The Penal Code: A Commentary | 2023 (eBook) :

This book, which was written by a seasoned criminal law practitioner, provides a comprehensive and in-depth section-by-section commentary on the Penal Code. For the convenience of users, the legal principles that have been created via cases over the years have been meticulously distilled and summarized.

The Code's provisions are entirely current, and cross-references help users navigate its complex workings. The Penal Code (Amendment) Act 2023 (Act A1681), the Penal Code (Amendment) (No 2) Act 2023, and the Abolition of Mandatory Death Penalty Act 2023 (Act 846) all made significant changes to the penal code that are incorporated into the commentary, which is presented in a readable manner. The analysis gains important depth from the distillation of principles from Indian and Singaporean case law.

This thorough volume covers the implementation of the mandatory death penalty ban as well as the new crime of stalking.

Along with providing a sharp examination of key words and phrases in each section of the Code, the commentary also helpfully identifies major components of the offenses that are established by each section, explains the procedure and practice for each offense, and offers a sample charge for each offense.

When managing criminal cases, every attorney, prosecutor, judge, and judicial officer should have access to this much-needed commentary.

Key Elements of The Penal Code: A Commentary | 2023 (eBook):

  • Section-by-section explanations of the Penal Code in clear and precise language.
  • Analyzed in detail and supported by appropriate authorities, important and applicable principles.
  • Questions requiring proof - The elements of the offense set forth in each section are concisely outlined.
  • Briefly stating practice and process for handling each offense
  • A model charge is offered for each offense.
  • The commentary is made more thorough by comparison with the Indian and Singaporean Penal Codes and, when appropriate, with relevant Indian, Singaporean, and other Commonwealth jurisdictions' case law.
  • Includes historical context and cross-references to further legal laws that support the Penal Code.

Contents Of The Penal Code: A Commentary | 2023 (eBook):

Section-by-section commentary of the Penal Code


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ISBN: 9786297527277

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