The Practitioner's Guide To Defamation Law by Harish Nair & Amanda Loh | 2023 (E-Book)

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The Practitioner's Guide To Defamation Law by Harish Nair & Amanda Loh | 2023 (E-Book)

Author Harish Nair & Amanda Loh
Publication Date 2023
ISBN 9786297527512
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


This publication provides a thorough overview of the relevant laws and procedures related to defamation cases in court, offering practical advice on managing one's reputation. It serves as a useful resource for both preventing and addressing defamation lawsuits. The inclusion of templates and sample documents enhances the explanation of legal concepts featured in the book.

A proficient legal advisor must be well-prepared to handle crisis management strategies, manage media interactions, and craft statements for clients, particularly those facing public scrutiny due to real or perceived scandals. Access to expert legal advice becomes crucial in guiding individuals and corporations on media communications and defending against damaging statements. This book addresses these practical aspects, equipping legal advisors to assist their clients effectively in defamation cases.

In the event of litigation, this book proves invaluable. It offers guidance for both plaintiffs and defendants, covering essential aspects such as the elements of a claim, available defenses, issuing effective apologies, managing case proceedings, discussing damages, and exploring settlement options. Additionally, the publication explores alternative courses of action for aggrieved parties, including filing complaints with regulatory bodies such as the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, reporting incidents to the police, and requesting the removal of offensive content from relevant social media platforms.

Thoroughly researched and comprehensive, this guide is essential for successfully navigating defamation matters. Its key features include:

  • comprehensive and practical coverage of defamation actions,
  • clear explanations of each cause of action's requirements,
  • systematic presentation of procedural steps,
  • discussion of interim measures,
  • detailed analysis of available defenses,
  • citation of numerous local and foreign legal precedents,
  • advice on reputation management and defamation prevention strategies,
  • instructive checklists for defamation case pleadings,
  • and sample documents accompanied by helpful guidance notes.
  • Relevant legislative provisions are also available on ProView for easy reference.

Contents of The Practitioner's Guide To Defamation Law:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Parties
  3. The Claim
  4. Defences
  5. Remedies
  6. The Action
  7. Reputation Management
  8. Other Recourses
Sample documents 
  • Letter of demand
  • Response to letter of demand
  • Statement of claim
  • Pernyataan tuntutan
  • Defence
  • Pembelaan
  • Reply
  • Jawapan
  • Plaintiff’s witness statement
  • Defendant’s witness statement
  • Apology
  Checklist of Pleadings
  Extracts of relevant legislation (available exclusively on ProView)

About The Authors of The Practitioner's Guide To Defamation Law:

Harish Nair is a practicing lawyer admitted to the High Court of Malaya, and he is a partner at Messrs Juen, Jeat, Nic & Nair. He specializes in civil and commercial litigation, handling diverse disputes involving professional negligence, insurance, construction, company, shareholder issues, and land matters. Harish has a keen interest in defamation law, frequently advising and representing parties in disputes related to alleged defamatory content. He has represented both claimants and respondents in defamation cases in Malaysian courts, involving individuals and companies from various sectors, including politicians, business owners, healthcare professionals, legal practitioners, educational institutions, and government officials. Harish contributes his extensive experience in representing clients in trials and appeals before Malaysian courts to this book.

Amanda Loh serves as an in-house counsel for a multinational media company, overseeing the legal team in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to her current role, she practiced law as an Advocate & Solicitor at the High Court of Malaya. During her legal career, Amanda specialized in media law, reputation management, crisis management, and defamation proceedings. She has represented publishers, journalists, publicly listed companies, politicians, and prominent businessmen in media-related disputes. In her practice, Amanda routinely reviewed company reputation and crisis management policies, drafted press statements, and provided guidance on compliance with social media platforms' terms of use. Currently, she collaborates closely with major social media platforms, reviewing company policies and advising on legal matters. Amanda brings substantial practical experience in resolving media law disputes, offering insights from both a practicing lawyer and an in-house counsel perspective to this work.
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