The Trial Lawyer’s Companion, 2nd Edition (E-book)

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The Trial Lawyer’s Companion, 2nd Edition By Nahendran Navaratnam

Author Nahendran Navaratnam
Publication Date Nov 2017
ISBN 9789672049739
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

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“[This book] comprehensively covers in detail and authoritatively deals, in a thoughtfully arranged way, with everything a trial lawyer and judge needs to know and be reminded or watchful of, to successfully conduct and shepherd a trial to its proper conclusion without pitfalls.”
From the Foreword by Lambert Rasa-Ratnam
Head, Dispute Resolution
Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill

This book includes a wealth of critical instruction on the preparation for and conduct of a trial, written by an experienced counsel. The text is simple and concise, with ample support from local and international case law, as well as statutory sources, including the Rules of Court 2012 and the Evidence Act 1950. The book is organised in a methodical format that includes trial preparation, various components of the trial itself, submissions, judgement, and trial advocacy ethics.

The well-written material, which is the result of serious thought and study, is extremely valuable in trial preparation, providing clear instruction and analytical insights. The extensive list of authority and sources listed provides a starting point for further research to ensure that counsel is well-prepared for trial.

In the midst of the cut and thrust of trial, a well-crafted system of headers, complemented by helpful cross-references, allows the trial lawyer to quickly refer to the book for the proper law, confirmation on a finer point of practise, practical direction, and relevant sources. When presiding over a trial, the judge can confidently reference the book.

The Trial Lawyer's Companion is a book that any lawyer, whether a rookie lawyer, a seasoned attorney, or a busy judge, should have on hand.

NEW IN THIS EDITION of The Trial Lawyer’s Companion:

  • Case authorities have been updated since 2005 and are up to date as of June 30, 2017.
  • The influence of the Rules of Court 2012 is discussed.
  • Considers and clarifies legal advancements and changes in the areas of discovery, admissibility of documents in trial bundles, privilege, expert testimony, and computer records.

KEY FEATURES of The Trial Lawyer’s Companion, 2nd Edition:

  • There is a wealth of practical advice on trial technique in this book.
  • Fully compliant with all applicable legal requirements.
  • There are a lot of great case authorities in this book.
  • It sheds light on the more difficult aspects of trial practise.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of The Trial Lawyer’s Companion, 2nd Edition

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing for Trial
  3. The Trial
  4. Witnesses
  5. Rules of Evidence
  6. Oral Evidence
  7. Documentary Evidence
  8. Objections to Evidence
  9. Procedural Matters
  10. Documents Produced by a Computer
  11. Opinion Evidence
  12. Submissions
  13. Judgment
  14. The Ethics of Trial Advocacy

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