Winfield & Jolowicz On Tort, 20th Edition


Winfield & Jolowicz On Tort, 20th Edition (South Asian Edition)

Author James Goudkamp & Professor Donal Nolan
Publication Date 2020
ISBN 9789393702746
Soft Cover 
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


For more than 80 years, Winfield & Jolowicz on Tort has reigned as the foremost authority on this subject. Its twentieth edition retains its hallmark clarity, authority, and thoroughness. Widely embraced by students and revered by practitioners, it stands as an indispensable resource. Across various legal systems, it's acknowledged for offering the definitive understanding of English tort law.

This updated edition brings a wealth of enhancements:
- Detailed exploration of recent cases like Michael v Chief Constable of South WalesRobinson v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police and Poole BC v GN (duty of care); Patel v Mirza (illegality); Wilkes v DePuy International (product liability); Lachaux v Independent Print Ltd (defamation); O v Rhodes (intentional infliction of physical or emotional harm); Willers v Joyce (malicious prosecution); JSC BTA Bank v Ablyazov (No.14) (conspiracy); and five major Supreme Court decisions on vicarious liability and non-delegable duties, including Barclays Bank v Various Claimants and WM Morrison Supermarkets v Various Claimants.
- Freshly added chapters and significant revisions, including a new segment focusing on damage within negligence law, featuring discussions on cases like Dryden v Johnson Matthey.
- A comprehensive review of new legislation, including considerations of the effects of the UK's departure from the European Union.
- Increased referencing to academic insights and commentary.

Winfield & Jolowicz on Tort remains the top choice for generations of students and practitioners across the common law world, maintaining its status as the premier textbook on English tort law.

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ISBN: 9789393702746

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