Malaysian Conveyancing, 2022 Desk Edition | Soft Cover | 2022

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Malaysian Conveyancing, 2022 Desk Edition (Soft Cover)

Author Judith Sihombing (Consulting Editor) , Wong Hua Siong (Contributor) , Sarah Kambali (Contributor) , Andrew Davis (Contributor)
Publication Date Jun 2022
ISBN 9789672701408
Soft Cover
Publisher LexisNexis

The Malaysian Conveyancing Desk Edition explains the practise and technique of conveyancing in Malaysia. It encompasses a conveyancing transaction from the time the parties choose a lawyer until the time the sale is finalised and ownership is transferred in a property sale and purchase transaction. Because it concentrates on the procedure involved in conveyancing transactions, this book is very useful for conveyancing solicitors. It comprises quotations from legislation, schedules, forms, checklists, court decisions, and practise instructions, as well as commentary on basic conveyancing practise. For conveyancing lawyers and real estate professionals, this is a must-have book.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Malaysian Conveyancing, 2022 Desk Edition

Division I: Note on the Format/Introduction
Division II: The Conveyancing Transaction
Division III: Precedents
Division IV: Extracts from Various Conveyancing Legislation
Division V: Schedules and Forms
Division VI: Commentary on Conveyancing Matters
Division VII: Extracts from Recent Conveyancing Decisions
Division VIII: Co-Ownership
Division X: Miscellaneous Legislation

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ISBN: 9789672701408

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