A Practical Guide To The Employment Act 1955 [2nd Edition Incorporating The Employment (Amendment) Act 2022]


A Practical Guide To The Employment Act 1955 [2nd Edition Incorporating The Employment  (Amendment) Act 2022]

Author T.Balasubramaniam, Dharmen Sivalingam & Anna Balasubramaniam
Publication Date 2023
ISBN 9789674571795
CLJ Publications


On January 1st, 2023, the Employment (Amendment) Act 2022 goes into effect. With effect from that day, the First Schedule was changed by the Ministry of Human Resources to include all individuals employed under a contract of service rather than just those making up to RM 2,000. This was a genuine quantum leap that benefited the whole workforce of the nation. By limiting eligibility for overtime compensation on rest days and public holidays as well as termination benefits to individuals making up to RM 4,000, the interest of employers was protected. Access to the Labor Court is one of the greatest advantages that all employees, regardless of pay, will experience. Practical examples and pertinent case law have been provided for the entire Act and its Regulations. In order to urge the reader to apply the legislation to real-world issues that typically come up over the course of an HR practitioner's job, questions have also been included. Chapter 11 also contains a succinct overview of the key aspects of the Minimum Retirement Age Act of 2012. This edition's inclusion of more than 60 Questions with responses is another feature.

About The Author:

Since 1961, T. Balasubramaniam has worked in labour relations. He earned his LLB in addition to a Second Class Upper Honours in Social Science (Econ) with distinction in Industrial Relations (Hons). Meca Employers Consulting Agency, where he served as CEO and Principal Legal Advisor, was established by him. He has defended businesses in front of the Industrial Court and the Labour Court while serving on the National Labor Advisory Council. Additionally, he has worked as a part-time professor for the Department of Labour Law at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, a part-time tutor for the Departments of Economics and Quantitative Methods at Universiti Malaya, and Universiti Sains Malaysia. He has taught many courses on labour law and industrial relations and has written five more books on the subject.

Dharmen Sivalingam
In 1994, Dharmen Sivalingam earned his LLB (Hons), and in 2000, he earned his CLP. He then started working as the legal editor for the Malaysian Current Law Journal. From there, he entered private practise at a prestigious law firm before serving as Head of Commercial Affairs at Federal Auto. He afterwards returned to MECA until 2013, when he joined Shell as IR/ER Manager. In that year, he made the decision to go back into practise and founded Dharmen Sivalingam and Partners, while he continued to serve as a director of MECA and engage in training activities.

Anna Balasubramaniam
After earning her LLB, Anna Balasubramaniam joined MECA in 1996 as a Research and Training Officer (Hons). In 1997, she received a promotion to consultant. She earned the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) in 1997, at which point she started working in the Employment Law branch of a prestigious Kuala Lumpur law firm. In July 2001, she stopped seeing patients and joined MECA again as a consultant. In 2005, she was appointed Principal Legal Adviser, and since then, she has participated in training and counselling on all facets of labour relations. Her particular area of competence is in charge-drafting and providing guidance on how to properly convene domestic inquiries. She currently serves as MECA's managing director.

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ISBN: 9789674571795

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