Brain Injury Claims, 2nd Edition By Dr. Martin & Dr Sundeep | 2020


Brain Injury Claims, 2nd Edition By Dr. Martin & Dr Sundeep | 2020

Author Dr. Martin D. van den Broek; Dr. Sundeep Sembi
Publication Date June 2020
ISBN 9780414074835
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Brain Damage Claims, which was first published in 2017, has established itself as a thorough reference on the intricacies of brain injury claims from both a medical and legal standpoint. Experienced physicians, medicolegal specialists, and top Barristers and Judges collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind reference for legal practitioners that covers all areas of brain injury litigation.

In addition to revising numerous chapters and evaluating their implications for the newest caselaw in the fast evolving area of brain injury litigation, the second edition has been extended to include new chapters on Paediatric Brain Injury and Subtle Brain Injury.

Features to look for from Brain Injury Claims, 2nd Edition :
  • Sets forth in detail the medical elements of brain trauma, as well as the methods by which the brain is harmed and how this is effectively measured.
  • From immediate damage to long-term prognosis, this book provides extensive explanations of the neurological, neuropsychiatric, neuropsychological, and psychosocial sequelae.
  • Describes the necessity of accurate and thorough evaluation across all disciplines in depth.
  • Provides in-depth information on the concerns of accuracy and honesty in injury measurement.
  • Describes the importance of neurorehabilitation and the legal procedure in achieving the best possible result.
  • Considers the intricacies of mental capability in great depth.
  • Considers how expert evidence has influenced case settlement in light of recent case law.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Brain Injury Claims, 2nd Edition

Chapter 1: Acquired Brain Injury And Civil Litigation; 
Chapter 2:  Assessing Capacity: The Law;  
Chapter 3: Acquired Brain Injuries: Primary And Secondary Mechanisms; 
Chapter 4: Neurological And Neuroradiological Evaluation Of Traumatic Brain Injuries; 
Chapter 5: Neuropsychological Perspectives Of Traumatic Brain Injury; 
Chapter 6: Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Brain Injury; 
Chapter 7: Malingering And Exaggeration; 
Chapter 8: Neurorehabilitation After Acquired Brain Injury; 
Chapter 9: Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury; 
Chapter 10: Subtle Brain Injury Claims; 
Chapter 11: Return To Work And Vocational Rehabilitation; 
Chapter 12: Assessing Care Needs After Acquired Brain Injury; 
Chapter 13: Whose Evidence Should We Accept? How Judges Reach Their Decisions


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ISBN: 9780414074835

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