Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt

Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt

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5th Edition, Mainwork & 1st Supplement

Series: Common Law Library
Practice Area: Criminal Law
ISBN: 9780414074507
Published by: Sweet & Maxwell
Authors:Jonathan Fisher, QC; Andrew Herd, QC
Publication Date: 31 Oct 2019
Subscription Information: Non-Subscribable Product
Format: Hardback, Paperback

Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt is a comprehensive and authoritative commentary on the subject, explaining everything from the development of contempt, its origins in common law, its general principles, its various categories, and its statutory underpinnings (domestic and EU), through to the latest developments in this ever evolving area of law.
Since the last edition, there have been fundamental changes in the procedural landscape for contempt.

This supplement brings the work up to date to June 2019.

The 5th edition addresses, among many others, the following changes:

Committal and sequestration in the County Court and High Court are now governed by the new CPR 81 and its linked Practice Direction
The Practice Direction (Committal for Contempt: Open Court) (Senior Courts): [2015] 1 WLR 2192
The Criminal Procedure Rules 2015 make provision for committal in the criminal courts as well as for court reporting restriction orders
The continuing emphasis on open justice and transparency in the Family Court (as well as the Court of Protection), which has been reflected in the relevant parts of the Family Procedure Rules
The relevant sections of the current rules are all gathered together conveniently in the new edition as appendices. The importance of the procedural safeguards to be deployed in committal cases was again re-emphasised by the Court of Appeal in LL v Lord Chancellor [2017] EWCA Civ 237, the judgments in which were handed down on 10 April 2017, leaving time mainly just to note its significance.