Banking Law by Poh Chu Chai, Third Edition


Banking Law, Third Edition By Poh Chu Chai 

Author Poh Chu Chai
Publication Date Oct, 2018
ISBN 9789814798419
Publisher LexisNexis


The newest advancements in banking legislation between June 2011 and June 2018 have been integrated into the revised version of the text.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Banking Law, Third Edition

Chapter 1 The Bank and Its Customer
Chapter 2 Banking and Customer Relationship
Chapter 3 Types of Accounts
Chapter 4 Joint Bank Accounts
Chapter 5 Form of Instrument
Chapter 6 Negotiation of Instrument
Chapter 7 Making Payment
Chapter 8 Suing on Instrument
Chapter 9 Customer’s Mandate
Chapter 10 Events Affecting Banker’s Mandate
Chapter 11 Banker’s Duty of Confidentiality
Chapter 12 Banker’s References and Advice
Chapter 13 Banker’s Lien and Right Set-Off
Chapter 14 Paying Banker
Chapter 15 Collecting Banker

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ISBN: 9789814798419

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