Bennion On Statutory Interpretation, 7th Edition

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Bennion On Statutory Interpretation, 7th Edition by Diggory Bailey and Luke Norbury

Author Diggory Bailey and Luke Norbury
Publication Date 2017
ISBN 9789386515988
Publisher LexisNexis


This is the Indian economy of the classic legal treatise, originally published in the UK by Reed Elsevier. The leading work on statutory interpretation, Bennion on Statutory Interpretation, is required reading for all lawyers, whether they design legislation, administer it, advise on it, or argue it in court. The Sixth Edition has been thoroughly rewritten and updated to ensure that it continues to be the primary text on statutory interpretation for today's practitioners. The text teaches how to extract the relevant interpretative criteria in determining the legal meaning and effect of all sorts of legislation in a straightforward and concise manner. The use of checklists helps to ensure that no points are missed. The importance of assessing legislative purpose is discussed. The reader is given a framework that allows them to comprehend legislation accurately and confidently.


Part 1: General Introduction
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Overview 
Part 2: Acts and Other Legislation
Chapter 2 - Acts of Parliament
Chapter 3 - Delegated Legislation and Prerogative Instruments
Part 3: Extent, Commencement, Amendment and Other General Matters
Chapter 4 - Extent and Application of Acts
Chapter 5 - Commencement, Duration and Retrospection
Chapter 6 - Amendments, Repeals and Savings
Chapter 7 - Compliance with Legislation
Part 4: Interpretation: General
Chapter 8 - Interpretation: Preliminary Matters
Chapter 9 - Interpretation: Key Principles
Chapter 10 - The Mischief and its Remedy
Chapter 11 - Purposive Construction
Chapter 12 - Construction against 'Absurdity'
Chapter 13 -  Construction against Evasion
Chapter 14 - Updating Construction
Chapter 15 - Mistakes in Legislation
Part 5: Analysis  of The Legislative Text: Functional Construction and Definitions
Chapter 16 - Significance of Different Components of an Act
Chapter 17 - Significance of Different Drafting Devices
Chapter 18 - Statutory Definitions
Chapter 19 - Interpretation Act 1978
Part 6: Analysis of The Legislative Text: Linguistic Cannons of Construction
Chapter 20 - Linguistic Cannons of Construction: Introduction
Chapter 21 - Construction as a Whole
Chapter 22 - Construction as a Whole
Chapter 23 - Textual Analysis: Other Cannons of Construction
Part 7: External Aids to Construction
Chapter 24 - External Aids to Construction
Part 8: Common Law Context
Chapter 25 - Statue and The Common Law
Chapter 26 - Interpretative Principles Derived from Legal Policy: General
Chapter 27 - Doubtful Penalisation and Statutory Interference with Rights and Liberties
Part 9: Effect of EU Law and The Human Rights Act 1998
Chapter 28 - European Union Law
Chapter 29 - Human Rights
Appendix 1 - Interpretation Act 1978
Appendix 2 - Appendix to White Paper on Interpretation Act 1978
Appendix 3 - Parliamentary Materials - Background to Exclusionary Rule
Appendix 4 - Extract from Vienna Convention on The Law of Treaties
Appendix 5 - European Communities Act 1972
Appendix 6 - Extract from The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill
Appendix 7 - Human Rights Act 1998
Appendix 8 - Table of Origins
Appendix 9 - Table of Destinations
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