Brain Injury Claims, 2nd Edition

Brain Injury Claims, 2nd Edition

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2nd Edition
Practice Area:  Personal Injury Law
ISBN:  9780414074835
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  30 Jun 2020
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Hardback
First published in 2017 Brain Injury Claims established itself as the comprehensive reference on the complexities of Brain injury claims from both medical and legal perspectives. Written by experienced clinicians, medico legal experts and leading Barristers and Judges to provide a unique reference for legal professionals, covering all aspects of brain injury litigation.

Building upon this, the second edition has been expanded to include new chapters on Paediatric Brain Injury and Subtle Brain Injury in addition to updating several chapters and considering their implications for the latest caselaw in the rapidly developing field of brain injury litigation.

Key features:
  • Comprehensively sets out the medical aspects of brain trauma, the mechanisms by which the brain is injured and how this is assessed accurately.
  • Provides detailed descriptions of the Neurological, Neuropsychiatric, Neuropsychological and psychosocial sequalae from acute injury to long term prognosis
  • Provides detailed descriptions of the importance of accurate and comprehensive assessment across all disciplines
  • Provides detailed information on the issues of honesty and accuracy in the measurement of injury.
  • Describes the role of neurorehabilitation and the role of the litigation process in ensuring an optimal outcome
  • Provides detailed consideration of the complexities of mental capacity.
  • Reviews prominent case law in considering how expert testimony has informed case settlement


  • Chapter 1: Acquired Brain Injury And Civil Litigation; 
  • Chapter 2:  Assessing Capacity: The Law;  
  • Chapter 3: Acquired Brain Injuries: Primary And Secondary Mechanisms; 
  • Chapter 4: Neurological And Neuroradiological Evaluation Of Traumatic Brain Injuries; 
  • Chapter 5: Neuropsychological Perspectives Of Traumatic Brain Injury; 
  • Chapter 6: Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Brain Injury; 
  • Chapter 7: Malingering And Exaggeration; 
  • Chapter 8: Neurorehabilitation After Acquired Brain Injury; 
  • Chapter 9: Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury; 
  • Chapter 10: Subtle Brain Injury Claims; 
  • Chapter 11: Return To Work And Vocational Rehabilitation; 
  • Chapter 12: Assessing Care Needs After Acquired Brain Injury; 
  • Chapter 13: Whose Evidence Should We Accept? How Judges Reach Their Decisions