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Caveat System in Sarawak, 4th Edition

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Author Dr Andrew Chew Peng Hui
Publication Date Oct 2012




Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

A caveat is a means of conveying notice to persons who propose to deal with a proprietor that there are other claims affecting the property. It is a key tool employed in day-to-day conveyancing and registration of land titles to protect alleged as well as proved interests and interests that have not yet become actual interests in land.

This book is devoted to legal practitioners who handle land matters with respect to Sarawak. As the procedures involved in Sarawak are somewhat different to the operation of the caveat mechanism in Peninsular Malaysia, the book attempts to provide practical solutions to the complexities involved. The analysis and discussion of caveatable interests in various transactional situations will prove to be most helpful to practitioners when considering whether a certain interest may be protected by a caveat or in resisting a caveat that has been entered.

Latest developments and case law have been included in bringing out this new edition of the book.

Readership: Legal practitioners; judges; court officials; academics.

Jurisdiction: Malaysia


  • System of Private Caveats
  • Removal of Private Caveats
  • Damages for Wrongful Caveat
  • The Registrar’s Caveats
  • Analogous Procedures 

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