Civil Litigation in Malaysia: A practical Guide to Drafting Pleadings


Civil Litigation in Malaysia: A practical Guide to Drafting Pleadings

Author Shahrul Mizan Ismail & Yusfarizal Yussoff
Publication Date Jan 2016
ISBN 9789678925488
Format Softcover
Publisher International Law Book Services


The authors bring together the different areas of the law that come under the title "fraud," from substantive causes of action – common law, restitutionary and equitable claims, and claims emerging under legislation – to remedies, building on a wealth of experience in litigating fraud cases. It covers the complete range of procedural swords and shields available in fraud action, including freezing orders, proprietary and other injunctions, search warrants, receivership, ancillary orders, and the increasingly popular contempt jurisdiction.

This book helps you grasp the specifics of today's litigation practise by offering samples of legal papers, such as writ, statement of claim, originating summons, affidavit in support, and pertinent orders, so that readers are familiar with the documents they will face. Each sample is accompanied by extensive annotations that clarify the text. Civil Litigation in Malaysia: A Practical Guide to Preparing Pleadings is based entirely on the Rules of Court 2012 and allows prospective varsity students, chambering pupils, and young attorneys to swiftly learn the foundations of drafting pleadings.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Civil Litigation in Malaysia

Chapter 1       Introduction
Chapter 2       Considering A Civil Suit
Chapter 3       Commencing A Civil Suit By Writ
Chapter 4       Commencing A Civil Suit By Originating Summons
Chapter 5       Service Of Originating Process
Chapter 6       Entering Appearance
Chapter 7       Drafting And Filling Your Defence
Chapter 8       Reply To Defence And Defence To Counter-Claim
Chapter 9       Drafting Cause Papers In Bahasa Melayu
Chapter 10     Drafting Exercises

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ISBN: 9789678925488

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