Company Acquisition Of Own Shares (5th Edition)

Company Acquisition Of Own Shares (5th Edition)

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Company Acquisition Of Own Shares (5th Edition) by Michael Wyatt

Author Michael Wyatt
Publication Date 2004


Publisher Jordan Publishing



This book provides the practitioner with a comprehensive analysis of the law relating to own share acquisitions - both the company law and the tax law. It outlines the procedures that need to be followed, what the tax implications are, and how tax savings and other benefits can be achieved. It also includes precedents for the main types of transaction, which the practitioner may require to implement.
Since the publication of the last edition in 1995, there have been several significant changes, particularly in relation to tax issues. More recently, important new regulations have come into force, relaxing the rules for certain types of company in purchasing their own shares. The introduction of these regulations has necessitated numerous technical changes to company law. 
>Written by an acknowledged expert in the field, Company Acquisition of Own Shares is an invaluable reference for company lawyers, accountants and tax advisers.
About the Author
Michael Wyatt, a barrister, is a specialist in company law and in areas of taxation relevant to companies. His experience includes both practice at the Bar and, at separate times, working in the City.

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