Company Acquisition Of Own Shares (5th Edition)

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Company Acquisition Of Own Shares (5th Edition) by Michael Wyatt

Author Michael Wyatt
Publication Date 2004
ISBN 9780853089322
Format Hardcover
Publisher Jordan Publishing


This book gives a thorough examination of the legislation governing the acquisition of own shares, including both business and tax law. It explains how to follow the processes, what the tax consequences are, and how to save money and gain other benefits. It also offers precedents for the most common transaction kinds that the practitioner may need to use.

There have been some notable modifications since the last edition in 1995, notably in respect to tax problems. Recently, major new legislation went into effect that made it easier for some types of businesses to buy their own stock. Numerous technical adjustments to company law have been required as a result of the implementation of these requirements.
Business Acquisition of Own Shares, written by a recognised authority in the subject, is a significant resource for company attorneys, accountants, and tax advisers.
About the Author of Company Acquisition Of Own Shares
Michael Wyatt, a barrister, is a specialist in company law and in areas of taxation relevant to companies. His experience includes both practice at the Bar and, at separate times, working in the City.
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ISBN: 9780853089322

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