Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance by Paul Reed


Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance by Paul Reed

Author Paul Reed
Publication Date February 2018
ISBN 9780414057562
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell Ltd


Winner of the 2019 British Insurance Law Association (BILA) annual book prize

The definitive practitioner reference for all those involved in construction projects, from contractors to employers, architects to insurance brokers, Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance is the definitive practitioner reference for all those involved in construction projects, from contractors to employers, architects to insurance brokers. These are the two titles that all construction insurance professionals require, as they cover the consequences of the Insurance Act 2015 and complement Construction All Risks Insurance.

Key benefits of Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance:
  • Covers all aspects of Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance for construction professionals
  • Uniquely covers the effect of the Insurance Act 2015, which will have come into force by August 2016
  • Describes the nature of PI and the role of the construction professional in a construction project, including the regulatory requirements that necessitate PI
  • Includes a focus on contract formation, with particular reference to the Insurance Act 2015
  • Includes a practical guide to each part of a PI policy, from the basics of cover to all aspects of indemnity
  • Discusses in detail and interprets the terms of construction PI policies giving expert advice and analysis for drafting the various clauses and describes the law behind it
  • Explains how to file a claim, including a step-by-step overview of the process and potential issues.
  • Includes analyses of how policies are affected in different jurisdictions, including Scotland, Commonwealth and U.S.A.
  • Covers PI clauses as related to JCT, FIDIC and NEC contracts, providing relevance for both domestic and international construction projects
  • Includes example policy clauses and other precedent materials for easy reference
  • Builds on Paul Reed QC's practical and professional analysis, which has attracted a large following from the Construction All Risks Insurance industry because of his distinctive reading manner.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance

  1. Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance
  2. Duties of Construction Professionals: General Principles
  3. Duties of Construction Professionals: Specific Duties
  4. The Placing and Formation of the Insurance Contract
  5. Misrepresentation, Fraud and the Duty of Good Faith
  6. Interim Insurance
  7. Basis of Cover
  8. The Scope of the Indemnity
  9. Cause of the Insured's Loss
  10. Ascertainment of Liability
  11. The Amount of the Indemnity
  12. Double Insurance
  13. The Construction of the Policy
  14. Clauses of the Risk: Standard Cover
  15. Terms on Claims and Occurrences
  16. Loss and Remedies
  17. Notification of Claims
  18. The Obligations of the Insured
  19. The Defence of Claims by Third Parties
  20. Limitation
  21. The Rights of Third Parties Against Insurers
  22. Conduct of Claims Involving Construction Professionals

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ISBN: 9780414057562

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