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Corporate Insolvency Law and Practice, 4th Edition

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Corporate Insolvency Law and Practice, 4th Edition By Edward Bailey And Hugo Groves 

Author Edward Bailey and Hugo Groves
Publication Date Dec, 2014
ISBN 9789672187776
Publisher LexisNexis


Bailey and Groves: Corporate Insolvency - Law and Practice is a leading commentary on the substantive law of corporate insolvency and practical guidance on the various procedures arising in this important field.

  • Will cover the effects of the overhaul of the Insolvency Rules and any future changes (the Insolvency Service are expected to publish new Insolvency Rules in 2012/13 which will include new numbering) and all new case law
  • A new chapter on the impact of insolvency on leases/property

Written by recognised experts in the field, it remains a user-friendly text covering all aspects on corporate insolvency in one volume and is accessible to both legal and accountancy practitioners.


The book covers the law and practice from the perspective of a UK practitioner but also includes chapters on the EU and US to fit in with the needs of modern day business (which happens a lot more overseas now) .


Insolvency Courts and Procedures

Practice and Procedure in Insolvency Proceedings

Transfer and Stay in Insolvency Proceedings

Reviews and Appeals in Insolvency Proceedings
Effect of Insolvency on Litigation and Arbitration
Insolvency Practitioners
Liability of Office-Holders
Official Receiver and Secretary of State
Company Voluntary Arrangements Administration
Administrative Receivership
Introduction to Winding Up
Voluntary Winding Up
Winding Up by the Court
The Liquidator
Meetings of Creditors and Contributories Directors
Criminal Offences Arising in Corporate Insolvency
Human Rights and the Insolvent Company
Investigation Procedures
Protection of Company's Property
Adjustment of Antecedent Transactions
Transactions Defrauding Creditors
Contributions by Contributories
Proof of Debts: Liquidation and Administration
The Impact of Insolvency on Guarantees
Distribution of Assets - Liquidation and Administration
The Effect of Employer's Insolvency on Employees
Rights against Insolvency Company's Insurers Insolvency in the Financial Markets
Insolvency of Companies not Registered under the Companies Act Partnership
The EC Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings
Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations 2006A Comparison of English and US Insolvency Law

Appendix 1 - Insolvency Act 1986 Ss 249 and 435

Appendix 2 - Practice Direction Insolvency Proceedings

Appendix 3 - Practice Direction - Directors Disqualification Proceedings

Appendix 4 - Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations, SI 2006/1030, Sched.2




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