Corporate Powers Accountability, 2nd Edition By Loh Siew Cheang

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Corporate Powers Accountability, 2nd Edition

Author Loh Siew Cheang
Publication Date Jan 2002
ISBN 9789679624267
Soft Cover 
Publisher LexisNexis


In recent years, Malaysia has seen significant changes in company and securities laws, particularly concerning the accountability and legal responsibilities involved in corporate management. Alongside numerous statutory amendments and updated Listing Requirements of the KLSE, common law principles in several key areas have been reviewed or restated both in Malaysia and internationally. This second edition aims to reflect the developments since 1996.

This edition introduces 12 new chapters addressing contemporary issues in corporate governance, such as disclosure, due diligence, and market conduct related to marketable securities. Given the rapid advancement of these topics in the United States, important North American authorities have been cited and discussed.

The current focus of corporate governance is on ensuring transparency and market discipline. Reading this new edition will provide valuable insights and analysis of the relevant principles and their practical application in the marketplace.

  • Contents Outline of Corporate Powers Accountability, 2nd Ed:

    • Nature, Structure and Powers
    • Accountability for general powers
    • Accountability for specific powers
    • Statutory concepts enhancing accountability
    • Transparency and market discipline
    • Financial matters
    • Corporate democracy
    • Absolving and enforcing accountability
    • Final accounting


    Special Features :

    • A practical discussion of corporate law with a focus on Malaysian legislation.
    • Insightful analysis of modern corporate governance issues
    • Review of the new KLSE Listing Requirements
    • References to cases from both the Commonwealth and the United States
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ISBN: 9789679624267

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