Craies on Legislation 12th ed

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Craies on Legislation 12th ed By Daniel Greenberg

Author Daniel Greenberg
Publication Date 2020
ISBN 9780414080522
Publisher  Sweet & Maxwell

Craies on Legislation is a comprehensive guide on the nature, method, impact, and interpretation of legislation for practitioners. It is often referred to and by higher courts, and attorneys in both the public and commercial sectors rely on it to give light on a wide variety of issues relating to how legislation is created, applied, contested, and interpreted.

Craies on legislation covers the following topics: classification of primary, secondary, and quasi-legislation; the potential of and constraints on all types of legislation, including devolved legislation; the legislative process for all types of legislation; drafting of various types of legislation; explanatory material (including Explanatory Notes and Pepper v Hart); issues of effect from timing and application, the exercise of statutory functions, statutory corporation

The 12th Edition discusses the evolving relationship between legislation and the prerogative, Parliament and the Executive (including Miller 1 and 2 - the Brexit cases), the latest judicial attitudes toward the relationship between legislation and the common law (including the recent Tate Gallery decision on nuisance), and hundreds of other recent cases and political developments (including an account of fundamental changes to legislation in Wales).

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ISBN: 9780414080522

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