Criminal Law in Singapore (E-Book)

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Criminal Law in Singapore (E-Book)

Author Chan Wing Cheong; Neil Morgan; Stanley Yeo
Publication Date December, 2021
ISBN 9789815019100
Publisher LexisNexis


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The major crimes against persons and property listed in the Singapore Penal Code are described in this book, together with general principles of criminal culpability. Along with pertinent cases from significant common law jurisdictions, leading cases from Singapore and the other Indian Penal Code jurisdictions of India, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka are taken into consideration. The same authors' 2018 LexisNexis third edition of Criminal Law in Malaysia and Singapore serves as the foundation for this publication. However, the Criminal Law Reform Act 2019's changes necessitated that this book specifically focus on Singaporean law. In order to comprehend the rationale behind the modifications and to facilitate the practical interpretation and application of the legislation, it compares the law before and after the alterations.

• A thorough examination of Singapore's guiding ideas regarding criminal responsibility.
• Examining the most serious crimes against people and property in the context of the fundamental rules of criminal culpability.
• A review of the 2019 Criminal Law (Reform) Act's modifications to the Singapore Penal Code.
• A review of all significant relevant cases from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Malaysia.
• Sets the law in a theoretical and historical perspective, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages, and making recommendations for additional reforms.

CONTENTS Of Criminal Law in Singapore (E-Book)

1 The Criminal Law: Context, Sources and History
2 The Criminal Process, Harm and Punishment
3 Physical Elements of Crimes
4 Fault Elements of Crimes
5 Causation
6 The Concurrence Principle
7 Strict Liability
8 Homicide: Principles, Punishments and Recent Reforms
9 Culpable Homicide, Murder and Offences at the Start of Life
10 Other Homicide Offences and Options for Homicide Law Reform
11 Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person
12 Sexual Offences, Harassment, Stalking and Family Violence
13 Property Offences: Structure, Principles and Theft
14 Misappropriation, Breach of Trust, Cheating and Fraud
15 Receiving, Extortion, Robbery and Burglary
16 An Overview of Criminal Defences
17 Mistake
18 Accident
19 Consent
20 Private Defence
21 Exceeding Private Defence
22 Duress
23 Necessity
24 Unsoundness of Mind
25 Intoxication
26 Diminished Responsibility
27 Infancy
28 Provocation
29 Sudden Fight
30 Infanticide
31 Slight Harm
32 Protection Accorded to Public Servants
33 Abetment and Criminal Conspiracy
34 Joint Liability
35 Attempts
36 Corporate Criminal Liability

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ISBN: 9789815019100

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