Damages Under Malaysian Tort Law: Cases And Commentary


Damages Under Malaysian Tort Law: Cases And Commentary

Author Mohd Altaf Hussain Ahangar
Publication Date Apr 2009
ISBN 9789675040221
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Tort claims are frequently filed in court with the goal of obtaining damages to compensate the claimant for the harm or injury he or she has incurred. This book examines and explains the many forms of damages granted in tort suits. Leading damages cases in many areas of tort law are discussed in order to offer a critical grasp of Malaysian jurisprudence on damages awards under tort law.

The book is simple to use. It gives concise legal principles assertions under a logical structure of headings. The key cases are listed under each topic, along with basic facts and holdings and a small excerpt of the court's decision. Commentary, analysis, and cross-references to related sources are provided in the notes after each instance.

The book Damages Under Malaysian Tort Law: Cases and Commentary includes a wealth of information for lawyers, judges, lecturers, and law students.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Damages under Malaysian Tort Law

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Kinds of Damages
  • Chapter 3 - Damages in case of Personal Injury
  • Chapter 4 - Damages in case of Death
  • Chapter 5 - Damages in case of Property Damage/Loss
  • Chapter 6 - Damages in case of Defamation
  • Chapter 7 - Damages in case of Economic Loss

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