Death Sentence by Mikkel Birkegaard


Death Sentence by Mikkel Birkegaard

Author Mikkel Birkegaard (Author), Steven T. Murray (Translator)
Publication Date 2011
ISBN 9780552776806
Soft Cover 
Publisher Black Swan


In the realm of literature, committing a murder within the pages of a book feels safe, detached from reality. But witnessing the replication of those same crimes in the real world is an entirely different, jarring experience. Frank Fons, a highly successful writer known for his vivid portrayal of violent deaths, now faces a chilling situation: someone is imitating the gruesome crimes depicted in his novels. What was once a clever narrative twist for Frank has transformed into a horrifying and bloody reality.

In his book, a red-haired character, fearful of water, is drowned. In a chilling parallel, Frank's former girlfriend, a redhead, is found chained and left to perish underwater. A corrupt police officer tortured to death in his writing now mirrors a contact of Frank's dying with sheer terror etched in his eyes. Someone is leveraging Frank's fiction to wreak havoc on his life. The author must step into the role of a detective. While fiction typically ensures the capture of the villain, the unpredictability of real life creates genuine fear. The pain from a knife's cut is excruciating, and survival for our narrator is uncertain. There are no assurances of a happy resolution. What was once a playful endeavor for Frank has now escalated into a life-and-death situation.

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ISBN: 9780552776806

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