Dental Act 1971(Act 51) & Regulations

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Dental Act 1971(Act 51) & Regulations

Detailed Contents Of Dental Act 1971(Act 51) :

The Dental Act 1971 (Act 51) is a Malaysian law that regulates the practice of dentistry in the country. It was enacted to ensure that the practice of dentistry is conducted in a safe, ethical, and professional manner to protect the public from harm. The Act is enforced by the Malaysian Dental Council, which is responsible for setting standards for dental education, registration of dentists, and disciplinary proceedings against dentists who violate the Act.

The Act consists of several parts, including:

  1. Part I - Preliminary

This part outlines the purpose of the Act, defines the terms used in the Act, and sets out the jurisdiction of the Act.

  1. Part II - Registration of Dentists

This part outlines the requirements for registration as a dentist in Malaysia, including the qualifications and training required, the application process, and the grounds for refusal of registration.

  1. Part III - The Dental Council

This part establishes the Malaysian Dental Council and outlines its powers and duties, including the power to set standards for dental education, conduct disciplinary proceedings against dentists who violate the Act, and enforce the Act.

  1. Part IV - Dental Practitioners

This part outlines the duties and responsibilities of dental practitioners, including the requirement to maintain professional standards and the duty to report any breaches of the Act.

  1. Part V - Dental Auxiliaries

This part regulates the practice of dental auxiliaries, such as dental nurses and dental technicians, and sets out the requirements for their registration and practice.

  1. Part VI - Offences and Penalties

This part outlines the offences and penalties for violating the Act, including the penalties for practicing dentistry without registration or for engaging in unethical or unprofessional conduct.

  1. Part VII - General

This part contains miscellaneous provisions, including the power of the Minister to make regulations for the Act's better administration.

The Dental Regulations, 1972 was enacted under the Dental Act 1971 and serves as a supplement to the Act. The regulations cover the following aspects:

  1. Dental Registration

This regulation sets out the application and renewal process for dental registration, including the fees payable.

  1. Dental Practice

This regulation outlines the requirements for dental practice, including the registration of dental clinics, the use of anesthesia and sedation, and the provision of emergency dental services.

  1. Standards of Practice

This regulation sets out the standards of practice for dentists, including the requirements for infection control, record-keeping, and patient communication.

  1. Professional Conduct and Ethics

This regulation outlines the professional conduct and ethics expected of dentists, including the requirement to obtain informed consent from patients and to maintain patient confidentiality.

  1. Disciplinary Proceedings

This regulation sets out the procedures for conducting disciplinary proceedings against dentists who violate the Act or regulations, including the composition of the Disciplinary Committee and the right of appeal.

Overall, the Dental Act 1971 and its accompanying regulations provide a comprehensive framework for the practice of dentistry in Malaysia, ensuring that dental practitioners maintain high standards of professional conduct and ethics while protecting the public from harm.

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