Environmental Law In Malaysia, 5th Edition


Environmental Law In Malaysia, 5th Edition

Author Maizatun Mustafa
Publication Date Jul, 2022
ISBN 9789403547411
Format Softcover , 340 pages
Publisher Kluwer Law International


This book, which is an extract from the famous multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, offers quick entry to Malaysian environmental law and practise. Geographical factors, political, social, and cultural elements of environmental study, the sources and tenets of environmental law, environmental legislation, and the function of public authorities are all covered in a general introduction.

The first topic covered in the book's primary body is legislation enacted to specifically safeguard the ecosystem from pollution in the areas of air, water, refuse, soil, noise, and radiation. The administration of environment and cultural resources, such as landmarks, landscapes, parks and reserves, animals, farmland, forests, seafood, subsoil, and minerals, is then covered in this part. The implementation of zoning and land-use planning, liability laws, and administrative and court redress are additional treatments for environmental problems. The effects of regional and global laws and agreements on environmental control are also examined.

This book is an invaluable resource for environmental attorneys working on cases involving Malaysia because of its condensed yet academic style and the usefulness of the information it offers. This very helpful manual will be welcomed and valued for the study of comparative environmental law and policy by academics, students, business investors, and the different international organisations working in the field.

Table Of Contents  Enviromental Law In Malaysia, 5th Edition  :

The Author

List of Abbreviations

General Introduction

Part I. Pollution Control

Chapter 1. General Law

Chapter 2. Air Pollution

Chapter 3. Water Pollution

Chapter 4. Waste

Chapter 5. Soil Pollution

Chapter 6. Noise Pollution

Chapter 7. Radiation and Vibrations

Chapter 8. Other Sectors

Part II. Nature Conservation and Management

Chapter 1. Nature Conservation and Management

Chapter 2. Monuments and Landscapes

Chapter 3. Parks and Reserves

Chapter 4. Wildlife Protection

Chapter 5. Agricultural Resources

Chapter 6. Forests

Chapter 7. Subsoil and Minerals

Part III. Zoning and Land-Use Planning

Part IV. Liability Questions

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Civil Liability

Chapter 3. Criminal Liability

Part V. Juridical Actions of Individuals

Chapter 1. Administrative Remedies

Chapter 2. Judicial Remedies

Selected Bibliography


ISBN: 9789403547411

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