Erskine May: Parliamentary Practice 25th edition

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Erskine May: Parliamentary Practice 25th edition

Author Mark Hutton , David Natzler KCB , Matthew Hamlyn , Colin Lee , Chloe Mawson , Crispin Poyser , Eve Samson, and Kate Lawrence
Publication Date May 2019
ISBN 9789388548601
Format Hardcover
Publisher LexisNexis Butterworths


The eponymous handbook to parliamentary practise and procedure, Erskine May, provides precise and extensive information on the component sections of Parliament, their rights and jurisdictions, membership in either House, financial procedures, and the debating process.

Along with the ongoing modifications and adjustments to parliamentary practise, the 25th edition includes a number of major advancements since the last edition in 2011, including:

  • Following the 2015 General Election, a new chapter on "English Votes for English Laws" was added, detailing the many and complicated ways in which they interact with both main and secondary laws.
  • The process of putting the result of the 2016 referendum on the United Kingdom's EU membership into effect. The processes for scrutinising and approving the transposition of EU legislation into UK law in both Houses are described.
  • The Wright Committee's changes, the growing influence of the new category of "backbench business," and the election of Deputy Speakers in the House are among the legislative implications of the coalition government that gained power in 2010.
  • A new Petitions Committee was established in 2015 to manage an e-petitions system.
  • Changes to the working processes and powers of select committees under their new elected chairmen.
  • In 2017, a new financial timeline was implemented, with the Chancellor's annual budget announcement shifting from Spring to Autumn and the way Estimates Day arguments are handled changing.
  • Significant changes to how MPs and Lords members are controlled and how violations of their individual rules are dealt with.
  • The debate about the future of parliamentary privilege is still going on. The 2013 Joint Committee on Parliamentary Privilege, as well as recent pertinent court decisions and changes within Parliament, are discussed.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Erskine May: Parliamentary Practice 25th

Part 1 - Constitution and Organisation of Parliament
1. The constituent parts of Parliament
2. Elections
3. Disqualification for membership of either House
4. Members and Elected Officers of Parliament
5. Rules governing the conduct of Members of both Houses and the disclosure of financial interests
6. Administration of Parliament and the Parliamentary Estate
7. Parliamentary papers, publications and records
8. A new Parliament and opening and closing of session
9. Formal communications between Crown and Parliament and between Lords and Commons
10. Parliament and international assemblies

Part 2 - Powers and Privileges of Parliament
11. Power and jurisdiction of Parliament
12. The privilege of Parliament
13. Privilege of freedom of speech
14. Privilege of freedom from arrest
15. Contempts, and handling complaints of contempt or breach of privilege
16. The courts and parliamentary privilege

Part 3 - Conduct of Business
17. A sitting: general arrangements in the House of Commons
18. The control and distribution of time for business in the House of Commons
19. Order and handling of business in the House of Commons
20. The process of debate in the House of Commons by motion, question and decision
21. Maintenance of order during debates in the House of Commons
22. Questions to Ministers
23. Sittings in Westminster Hall
24. Petitions
25. Organisation and conduct of business in the House of Lords

Part 4 - Public Legislation
26. Preliminary view of public bills
27. Legislative procedure in the Commons and devolved legislative competence
28. Proceedings on public bills in the House of Commons
29. Proceedings on public bills in the House of Lords
30. Proceedings on public bills: matters affecting both Houses
31. Delegated legislation
32. Parliamentary oversight of matters relating to the European Union

Part 5 - Financial Procedure
33. Overview of financial procedure
34. Public expenditure and Supply
35. Expenditure: Money resolutions
36. Ways and Means and Finance Bills
37. The role of the House of Lords in financial procedure

Part 6 - Committees
38. Select committees in the House of Commons
39. General Committees in the House of Commons
40. Select Committees in the House of Lords
41. Joint committees of the Lords and Commons

Part 7 - Private Legislation
42. Preliminary view of private bills
43. Preliminary proceedings in both Houses on private bills
44. Petitions relating to private bills in the House of Commons
45. Proceedings in the House of Commons on private bills
46. Proceedings on private and personal bills in the House of Lords

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ISBN: 9789388548601

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