Evidence and the Litigation Process, 7th Edition


Evidence and the Litigation Process, 7th Edition

Author Jeffrey Pinsler, SC
Publication Date 02 July, 2020
ISBN 9789814892377
Publisher LexisNexis


There have been changes to practically every aspect of the law of evidence in all proceedings since the 6th Edition of Evidence and the Litigation Process was published.

This episode includes the following topics:

• Significant legislative revisions impacting civil and criminal processes, including the Evidence (Amendment) Act 2018 and Criminal Justice Reform Act 2018, the Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2019, and associated statutory sources and regulations.
• Case law developments relating to expert evidence, burdens of proof, standards of proof, hearsay, character and similar fact evidence, witness examination, modes of presenting evidence, evidence by video link, presentation of exhibits, the court's discretion to exclude evidence, ancillary hearings to determine the admissibility of statements, voluntariness and reliability, presumptions of law, legal advice privilege, litigation privilege, privilege as between entities a and b, presumptions of law, legal advice privilege, litigation privilege.

This book strikes a balance between analytic examination of the concepts and practical application of the law, and it accomplishes this goal by including many examples and practice-related scenarios. It provides students with a comprehensive and integrated picture of the litigation process (both procedure and advocacy), making it an invaluable resource for their study. The problems inherent in the Evidence Act (a major portion of which remains in the state it was adopted in 1893) and the friction between this legislation and the continually evolving common law are acknowledged in this work. In addressing these issues and studying all relevant legal sources, no effort is spared. Thousands of copies of this incredibly popular product have been sold in the first six editions.

Author of Evidence and the Litigation Process, 7th Edition

Jeffrey Pinsler, SC is a Senior Professorial Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Legal Education and the Geoffrey Bartholomew Professor of Law, specialising in civil justice, civil and criminal evidence, process, and ethics. He is a member of the Board of Governors of the Singapore Judicial College, the Civil Justice Commission, the Council of Law Reporting, the Professional Conduct Council, and the Rules of Court Working Party, among other Supreme Court and Academy of Law professional committees. He has testified before the Court of Appeal as an amicus curiae, and he has spoken at and contributed to conferences and reform programmes in a number of nations. In his position as Author and/or Editor in Chief or Consultant Editor, he has published 25 important text books and reference works, as well as several essays. Judges commonly cite his books and writings as reliable authorities.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Evidence and the Litigation Process

Chapter 1 : Principles and Preliminary Issues in the Law of Evidence

Chapter 2 : Facts in Issue and Relevant Facts
Chapter 3 : Similar Facts
Chapter 4 : Hearsay
Chapter 5 : Evidence from Parties : Assertions and Related Issues
Chapter 6 : General Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule
Chapter 7 : Judgments
Chapter 8 : Opinion Evidence
Chapter 9 : Character
Chapter 10 : Judicial Discretion to Exclude Evidence

Chapter 11 : Modes of Proof
Chapter 12 : Burden and Standards of Proof
Chapter 13 : Corroboration

Chapter 14 : Legal Professional Privilege
Chapter 15 : Privilege and Immunity

Chapter 16 : Foundations
Chapter 17 : Selection and Organisation of the Evidence

Chapter 18 : Opening the Case
Chapter 19 : Evidence-in-Chief
Chapter 20 : Cross-Examination
Chapter 21 : Re-Examination
Chapter 22 : Closing Address
Chapter 23 : Overview of the Trial Process
Chapter 24 : An Outline of Ethics in the Course of Litigation

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