Family Law In Malaysia | 2018 (E-book)

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Family Law In Malaysia (E-book)

Author Daleleer Kaur Randawar, Nur Ezan Rahmat, Akbar Kamarudin@ Abdul shukor
Publication Date March 2018
ISBN 9789674007607
Format E-book
Publisher LexisNexis


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This book provides readers with an understanding of the substance and procedural aspects of family law in Malaysia by providing current legislation and case law.


1.1  Historical Outline of Family Law for Non-Muslims in Malaysia
2.1  Promise of Marriage (Betrothal)
3.1  Domicile and Residence
4.1  Marriage Requirements
5.1  Effect of Marriage on Personal Status and Property of Married Women
6.1  The Law on Domestic Violence
7.1  Nullity of Marriage
8.1  Dissolution of Marriage:
9.1  Ancillary Claims
10.1  Parent and Child


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ISBN: 9789674007607

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