Family Law Procedure in Singapore | 2018


Family Law Procedure in Singapore | 2018

Author Chen Siyuan , Eunice Chua & Lionel Leo
Publication Date March 2018
ISBN 9789814798129
Format Soft cover, 1140 pages
Publisher LexisNexis

"Family Law Procedure in Singapore" explores the key provisions in the new Rules of Court for the Family Justice Courts, known as the Family Justice Rules, along with the Family Justice Courts Practice Directions and Circulars. These regulations were introduced in 2015, following significant reforms to the family justice system in 2014. The focus is primarily on procedural aspects rather than substantive family law, but references to the new Family Justice Act 2014 are included where necessary. Although the book discusses procedural rules by theme rather than by individual provisions, it follows the overall structure of the Family Justice Rules. It also considers relevant judicial interpretations, academic commentaries, and comparisons with the general civil justice regime, from which many of the rules are derived.

Contents of Family Law Procedure in Singapore:

Part 1 - Preliminary
Part 2 - Mode of commencement of proceedings
Part 3 - Judge led approach in resolving family disputes
Part 4 - Provisions relating to children
Part 5 - Proceedings under women’s charter
Part 6 - Adoption of Children Act
Part 7 - Children and Young Persons Act
Part 8 - Guardianship of Infants Act and proceedings relating to infants
Part 9 - Inheritance (Family Provision) Act
Part 10 - International Child Abduction Act
Part 10A - Maintenance Orders (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act
Part 11 - Mental Capacity Act
Part 12 - Legitimacy Act
Part 13 - Oaths and Declarations Act
Part 14 - Probate proceedings
Part 15 - Status of Children (Assisted Reproduction Technology) Act 2013
Part 16 - Supreme Court of Judicature Act — proceedings under section 17A(2)(c) of Act
Part 17 - Voluntary Sterilization Act
Part 17A - Wills Act
Part 18 - General provisions relating to Family Justice Courts
Part 19 - Family Justice Courts — Fees

About The Author(s):

Siyuan, Eunice, and Lionel graduated with first-class honours from NUS Law in 2007. They initially joined the Supreme Court as Justices’ Law Clerks and later served as Assistant Registrars. In 2010, they pursued master’s degrees, with Siyuan and Eunice attending Harvard and Lionel attending Oxford.

Afterward, Siyuan joined SMU, focusing on evidence and procedural law. Lionel became a partner at WongPartnership, while Eunice served as the Deputy CE at the Singapore International Mediation Centre before also joining SMU. The trio have authored numerous publications in leading international journals such as Civil Justice Quarterly, International Journal of Evidence & Proof, and International Commentary on Evidence. Siyuan and Lionel co-authored "The Law of Evidence in Singapore," frequently cited by Singapore courts, and Eunice and Lionel have been long-time contributors to Singapore Civil Procedure.

In 2010, they founded SMU’s International Moots Programme. Since then, SMU has become the world’s top university in international moot competitions, reaching nearly 50 championship finals, including prestigious tournaments like the Jessup (2013, 2014), Vis (2015, 2016), Vis East (2015, 2016), Frankfurt (2015, 2017), International Criminal Court (2015, 2016, 2017), and Price (2010, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

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ISBN: 9789814798129

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