Foong's Malaysia Cyber, Electronic Evidence and Information Technology Law

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Foong's Malaysia Cyber, Electronic Evidence and Information Technology Law

Author Foong Cheng Leong
Publication Date Oct 2020
ISBN 9789672339816
Hardcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

As technology advances at breakneck pace and digitalisation pervades organisations and people's lives, a fresh viewpoint and strategy are required to address the difficulties that arise as a result of new technologies. It is only logical to anticipate an increase in the number of cases involving cyberlaw and information technology to be filed in court, and much more so for digital evidence to be presented in court.

The sole book on cyberlaw and electronic evidence in Malaysia is Foong's Malaysia Cyber, Electronic Evidence, and Information Technology Law. This book examines topics that have grown in the digital sense, such as civil concerns like defamation, privacy, and copyright, with more than 200 local cases and some chosen overseas examples with remarks. Instant communications, social media posts, admissibility of electronic evidence in labor-management conflicts, and digital asset cases are all explored. Legal practise and technology, the digital economy, electronic signatures, and electronic commerce all have chapters.

Foong's Malaysia Cyber, Electronic Evidence offers sound advice in a variety of new legal topics. A skillfully prepared collection of headers holds the material together and ensures that it is readily accessible. The inclusion of references to a number of previously unreported instances, including several Sessions Court judgements, adds complexity to the book's analysis and debate.

Through its meticulously constructed comments and intelligent analysis, this practical publication will be a great reference for litigators who are engaged in situations relating electronic evidence, information technology, and cyberlaw.

    TABLE OF CONTENTS of Foong's Malaysia Cyber, Electronic Evidence:

    1. Civil Matters
    2. Cybercrime
    3. Admissibility of Computer-Generated Documents
    4. Presumption of Fact in Publication
    5. Instant Messages, Social Media Postings & Other Electronic Evidence
    6. Electronic Evidence in Industrial Relation Disputes
    7. Electronic Evidence in Family Disputes
    8. Discovery
    9. ".MY" Domain Names
    10. Legal Practice and Technology
    11. Digital Economy
    12. Electronic Commercial Transactions
    13. Electronic and Digital Signatures
    14. Digital Assets
    15. E-Commerce

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