Ford's Principles of Corporations Law, 15th Edition

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Ford's Principles of Corporations Law, 15th Edition

Author R.P. Austin, I.M Ramsay
Publication Date 2013
ISBN 9780409331509
Soft Cover 
Publisher LexisNexis

"Ford's Principles of Corporations Law," 15th Edition by R.P. Austin and I.M. Ramsay, is an extensive legal textbook offering an in-depth examination of corporate law in Australia.

Overview of Ford's Principles of Corporations Law, 15th Edition:
Content: This book offers a thorough analysis of the principles and practices of corporate law, encompassing the regulatory environment, directors' duties, corporate finance, and corporate governance, among other areas.

Structure: The text is organized to enhance comprehension, featuring detailed commentary, case law, and statutory references.

Audience: It is extensively used by legal practitioners, academics, and students specializing in corporate law.

Key Features of Ford's Principles of Corporations Law, 15th Edition:
Comprehensive Coverage: The book meticulously examines various aspects of corporate law, making it a vital resource for anyone in the field.

Authoritative Source: Written by distinguished legal scholars, it is acclaimed for its authoritative analysis and interpretation of corporate law.

Updated Content: The 15th edition includes updates on recent legislative changes, case law, and corporate governance developments.

Specific Topics Covered:
- Formation and Types of Corporations
- Corporate Personality and Limited Liability
- Corporate Governance and Directors’ Duties
- Shareholders’ Rights and Remedies
- Corporate Finance and Capital Raising
- Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring
- Regulation of Financial Markets
- Mergers and Acquisitions

This textbook is an essential resource for comprehending the legal framework and practical applications of corporate law in Australia.

Table of Contents of Ford's Principles of Corporations Law, 15th Edition

Part 1 - Companies and Company Law
1. The Nature and Functions of Companies
2. The Origins of Company Law
3. Regulating Companies
Part II - A Company as a Corporate Entity
4. Incorporation and Its Consequences
5. Formation, Promotion and Establishment
Part III - The Law of Corporate Governance
6. Corporate Governance Rules
7. The Board of Directors and the General Meeting
8. Acting Properly and with Care
9. Conflicts of Interest and Special Cases
10. Accounts, Audit and Disclosure
11. Members' Remedies
Part IV - Corporate Liability
12. Corporate Capacity
13. Authority to Act for a Company
14. A Company's Assent to Transactions
15. Validation and Ratification of Defective Transactions
16. A Company’s Liability for Civil and Criminal Wrongs
Part V - Corporate Finance
17. Equity Finance
18. Dividends
19. Debt Finance
20. Protection of Creditors
21. Dealings with Security Holdings
22. Fundraising by Issue and Sale of Securities
Part VI - Corporate Control and Restructuring
23. Takeovers and Disclosure of Shareholdings
24. Corporate Reorganisation and Elimination of Minority Holdings
Part VII - External Administration
25. External Administration in Insolvency Generally
26. Receiverships
27. Voluntary Administration
28. Winding Up

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ISBN: 9780409331509

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