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Forensic Science, 6th Edition

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Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation & Trials

6th Edition

Author B R Sharma
Publication Date 2020
ISBN 9789388548786
Format Hardcover
Publisher Lexis Nexis


BR Sharma worked in Delhi University Laboratories after obtaining his BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Panjab University. Selected as Director, CID Scientific Laboratory, Punjab, at an early age of 26, just before completion of his PhD degree, he headed various Forensic Science Institutions including the State FSLs, Punjab; Himachal Pradesh; UT CFSL (COL MHA), Chandigarh. He retired in September 1993 and now runs the National Institute of Forensic Science.

Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation and Trials is intended to assist the criminal justice system to understand the potentialities, the limitation and the process of forensic science. It is an encyclopedic comprehensive guide, a practical multi-professional treatise, written in non-technical language

Key Features:

  • A book for professionals dealing with in the area of forensic science
  • Complex topics are written in a non-technical language making it easy to understand
  • Concepts are explained with the help of applicable statutes and judgments
  • Adopts a lucid and analytical approach

New to this edition

  • Updated with latest tools and techniques developed after the publishing of previous edition
  • Includes new concepts introduced in the area of forensic science
  • Updated with latest legal position and landmark judgments
  • Redundant content is deleted to maintain relevance to the topic


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