Gale on Easements, 20th Edition

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Gale on Easements, 20th Edition

Author Jonathan Gaunt, Hon Mr Justice Paul Morgan
Publication Date
December 2016
ISBN 9780414057517
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell 

The rigorous application of the "good working rule" in Shelfer's case in rights of light cases has prompted a pushback from the Law Commission and later the Supreme Court since the last edition.

The twentieth edition:

  • summarises and discusses the Law Commission's "Rights to Light" report's recommendations (Law Com No.356).
  • The Supreme Court's judgement in Lawrence v Fen Tigers is discussed.
  • Section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925 is treated in a new way.
  • There is a new chapter on water rights in this edition.
  • The most recent case law on gates is included.
  • All recent notable cases in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth jurisdictions are included.