General Principles Of Contract Law Second Edition by Santhana Dass


General Principles Of Contract Law Second Edition

Author S Santhana Dass
Publication Date 2017
ISBN 9789672049241
Format Softcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


General Principles Of Contract Law Second Edition serves as a basic text on contract law, including topics such as formation, performance, and breach, as well as remedies. It is especially valuable for a rapid comprehension of the essential concepts of Malaysian Contract Law, including the receipt of English Law, since it is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand language. The remedies for particular performance and injunctions are also discussed in depth. The work benefits from an experienced practitioner's grasp of Malaysian Contract Law, which has taken efforts to illustrate the subtleties of the Malaysian perspective. The robust foundation offered by this book will undoubtedly help lawyers, legal advisers, judicial officers, students, Malaysian Certificate in Legal Practice applicants, as well as non-local law graduates who have not had extensive exposure to Malaysian Contract Law.

The new version of General Principles Of Contract Law Second Edition incorporates the most current advances in Contract Law, such as absolute failure of consideration, rescission, and unjust conditions, all of which have undergone recent revisions and the introduction of new concepts.

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ISBN: 9789672049241

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