Goode on Payment Obligations in Commercial and Financial Transactions, 3rd Edition

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Goode on Payment Obligations in Commercial and Financial Transactions, 3rd Edition

Author Charles Proctor, Victoria Dixon
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9780414046597
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

This study examines the legal concepts that underpin payment responsibilities in financial transactions in depth. It enables practitioners to grasp the sometimes enigmatic ideas at the heart of current payment system conflicts and to apply them on behalf of their clients.

Goode on Payment Obligations examines the ideas of money, payment, and responsibility to pay, as well as the right to payment, time constraints, interest, inter-bank transfers, and international money responsibilities. In light of these essential principles, recent case law is examined.

  • By rigorously analysing fundamental legal concepts, this book provides fresh insights into well-known topics.
  • From the concept of money and payment through international inter-bank transfers and foreign money responsibilities, this book covers a broad range of issues.
  • Compound interest, payment to an agent, recovery of currency rate losses, and international illegality are only a few of the topics covered in this book.
  • Examines the introduction of e-money and card-based payment.
  • Materials from Commonwealth nations and the United States are provided, allowing for a comparative approach to international concerns.
  • In-depth discussion of case law.
  • Examines the methods that a bank must follow in order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations while avoiding consumer claims.
  • Considers sanctions legislation, including the Patriot Act's extraterritorial provisions for foreign institutions.

Table of Contents of Goode on Payment Obligations in Commercial and Financial Transactions, 3rd Edition

Part I: The Concepts of Money, Payments and Obligation to Pay
1, Money
2, Payment
3, Categories of Payment Obligation

Part II: The Right to Payment and the Defences to a Payment Claim
1, The Right to Payment
2, Defences to a Liquidated Claim
3, Remedies for Non-Payment
4, The Recovery of Payments Made

Part III: Stipulations as to Time: Interest
1, The Significance of Stipulations as to Time
2, Express Stipulations as to Time
3, Implied Terms as to Time
4, Termination of Contract for Delay in Payment
5, Acceleration of Liability
6, Interest on Contract Debts

Part IV: The Legal Implications of Inter-Bank Transfers
1, Method an Structure of Inter-Bank Payment Systems
2, The Time of Payment as between Debtor and Creditor
3, Special Features of International Inter-Bank Transfers

Part V: Foreign Money Obligations
1, The Problems Outlined
2, Performance of the Payment Obligation
3, Foreign Currency Claims and Judgments
4, The Applicable Law under English Conflict of Laws Rules

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