Guide to Due Diligence (E-book)

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Guide to Due Diligence (E-book) By Geraldine Chan

Author Geraldine Chan 
Publication Date 04 February, 2016
ISBN 9789674004613
Format E-Book
Publisher LexisNexis


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Those who have never engaged in such an exercise find the topic of due diligence to be at best perplexing. It may be at least overwhelming to go through the process of confirming information through the mountains of documents and to comprehend the goal of such investigations.

This book offers a step-by-step guidance on why and how to do a due diligence exercise, which has been simply and informatively illustrated. It is an approachable and straightforward guide for people who find themselves abruptly involved in a due diligence exercise.

Key Features

The Sample Templates, which the reader can then be encouraged to change, serve as the book's primary feature and range from:

• Records of corporations and statutes;
• Contracts for materials;
• Coverage;
• Model Letters to Law Firms, Banks, and Subsidiaries;
• A sample work schedule;
• A sample request list
• A sample report on due diligence;
• A statutory declaration example; and
• An example of a confidential agreement

The target audience for this book is the corporate sector and attorneys who may have to perform their first due diligence investigation.


Step One
• How to start a Due Diligence

Step Two
• Work Programme

Step Three 
• Checklist
a. Corporate and Statutory Records
b. Accounts
c. Licences, etc.
d. Employees
e. Insurance
f . Property, plant and equipment
g. Material Contracts
h. Indebtedness, including to other companies within the group
i. Financial Assistance
j. Intellectual Property
k. Litigation
l. Environmental
m. Competition
n. Taxes, Duties and Rates
o. Miscellaneous


ISBN: 9789674004613

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