How To Judge The Judges | 2nd Edition


How To Judge The Judges | 2nd Edition By Nh Chan

Author Nh Chan
Publication Date  May 2009
ISBN 9789675040245
Softcover, 320 pages
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Descriptions :

In the adversarial system that is practised in Malaysia, justice according to law does not mean that the judge is a mere umpire. The paramount object of the judge is to find out the truth based on the evidence presented by the parties. It is not an easy task and a judge is often under scrutiny. However, before one can hope to be able to judge a judge, it is necessary that one should know the judge's craft. If is only when one knows the judge's craft that one will be able to judge the performance of the judges.

This book reveals the mysteries of the craft of the judge so that its readers can judge the judges. Written by an author who has been both a judge and an advocate, this book is enlightening and an eye-opener. It looks at the task of a judge to be done in a court of justice; it is not about how a judge should behave out of court or about the requisite academic qualifications.


How to Judge the Judges critically discusses landmark Malaysian cases including Lina Joy, Metramac v Fawziah Holdings, Insas v Ayer Molek, Adorna Properties v Boonsom Boonyanit, PP v Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Highland Towers' Case. To round up the book, the author gives a bonus section on Advocacy, the art of the lawyer in a court of law.

ISBN: 9789675040245

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