How to Think Like da Vinci by Daniel Smith


How to Think Like da Vinci by Daniel Smith

Author Daniel Smith
Publication Date 2015
ISBN 9781782434580
Hard Cover 
Publisher Michael O'Mara


Renowned for crafting some of Europe's most renowned artworks like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci's impact has transcended centuries, influencing countless artists and intellectuals. Even after 500 years, his legacy endures. While we may not aspire to replicate his feats, da Vinci's approach to life offers valuable lessons for us all. A polymath in the truest sense, he dabbled in sculpture, architecture, music, mathematics, engineering, and anatomy. His insatiable thirst for knowledge drove him to constantly explore new, uncharted territories of learning. Da Vinci perceived intricate connections between art and science, consistently pursuing perfection and precision in his work, resulting in techniques still employed today.

By fusing these talents with a boundless imagination, da Vinci conceptualized inventions far beyond his era. "How to Think Like da Vinci" invites you to adopt the mindset of this Renaissance polymath: seizing opportunities, honing talents, fostering innovation, daring experimentation, and envisioning the seemingly impossible. Delve into the life and accomplishments of this extraordinary individual to deepen your comprehension of one of the world's most diverse and extraordinary intellects.

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ISBN: 9781782434580

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