IFSA 2013: Commentaries On Islamic Banking & Finance


IFSA 2013: Commentaries On Islamic Banking & Finance

Author Mohd Johan Lee
Publication Date 2013
ISBN 9789670820590
Format Hardcover
Publisher CLJ Publication


The adoption of the 2013 Islamic Financial Services Act (IFSA 2013) has signalled a significant turning point in the growth of the domestic Islamic financial sector. Malaysia has once again led the way in the enabling legal reforms necessary for industry flexibility and harmonisation, building on a solid industrial foundation established over 30 years. While the Act covers all aspects of industry regulation and oversight, this book seeks to offer a concise perspective on the rules that fall under the umbrella of Islamic banking. This book serves as the ideal companion to help readers comprehend and navigate the present legislative maze as the nature of legislative demands shift from a comprehensive and prescriptive approach to one that is principle-based.

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ISBN: 9789670820590

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