Injunctions, 13th Edition


Injunctions, 13th Edition

Author David Bean, Isabel Parry, Andrew Burns
Publication Date Nov 2018
ISBN 9780414070134
Format Softcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Injunctions is a brief and practical introduction to the subject of injunctions, with a focus on process. The decision to grant or deny an interim injunction will frequently determine the outcome of the whole case.

Injunctions, 13th Edition:

  • In one volume, the whole gamut of injunctions is covered.
  • Provides a brief and practical handbook with a strong emphasis on method description.
  • It explains which therapies are available and when they should be used.
  • Covers all aspects of jurisdiction and the various courts' discretionary powers.
  • The criteria for both permanent and interim injunctions are thoroughly explained.
  • Interim applications, further actions (including appeals), freezing injunctions, search orders, and contempt of court are all covered in this step-by-step guide.
  • There's a good collection of official and unofficial precedents in this book.
  • Her Honour Judge Isabel Parry wrote a chapter on marital and domestic procedures.
  • Cases involving restraint of publication, employment contracts, public law, defendants from outside the jurisdiction, restraint of judicial processes, and discrimination are all covered.
The new 13th edition has been entirely revised to reflect all significant changes in this field of law since the last edition was published three years ago.
Features of the new edition include:
  • PJS v News Group Newspapers: a case of privacy injunctions.
  • Cartier International vs. BSkyB: Website Blocking Injunctions
  • In public law injunction cases, claimants' obligations to the court: SB (Afghanistan) Injunctions against notification: Holyoake v Candy.
  • In the instance of family injunctions, new practise guidance has been issued.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Injunctions, 13th Edition

Part A Jurisdiction: 
  • Introduction 
  • Criteria: Permanent Injunctions 
  • Criteria: Interim Injunctions 
  • Special Cases in the Law of Injunctions
Part B Practice and Procedure:  
  • Interim Applications 
  • Other Proceedings 
  • Freezing Injunctions 
  • Search Orders
  • Contempt of Court
Part C Matrimonial and Domestic Proceedings:
  • Matrimonial  Injunctions and Similar Orders

Part D  Precedents 

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ISBN: 9780414070134

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