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Intellectual Property Enterprise Court

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The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court: Practice and Procedure 2nd ed

Author Angela Fox
Publication Date Oct 2016
ISBN 9780414056220
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

The only dedicated book on the inner workings of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. A must-have for practitioners seeking guidance on the key features and relevant materials of the court to help clarify its procedures and choose the best avenue for dispute resolution.
• Practical guide to the procedures and practice of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.
• The only book in the market dedicated exclusively to the IPEC.
• Provision of clear advice outlining the most appropriate options for cost-effective dispute resolution.
• Covers pre-action matters and applicable special considerations to help determine if the IPEC is the right forum for your case.
• Exhaustive coverage of the issuance of proceedings, illustrating the key differences between the IPEC and the High Court.
• Detailed look at case management and the conduct restrictions of the court, making it essential reading for litigants.
• Examines the application procedure, the principles relating to specific disclosure, trial conduct, and the rules of appeal and judgment enforcement.
• Comprehensive analysis of the IPEC’s costs rules and the cap on recoverable costs.
• Dedicated chapter on the small claims track examining the eligibility of claims, proceedings, costs, and the appeals process.
• Additional commentary on the history of the IPEC and its jurisdictional coverage.
• Looks at the administrative procedures for domain names and company names.
• Highly practical in its content and language, with the inclusion of diagrams of the schedule of costs, sample statements for patent actions, and draft codes of practice for pre-action conduct.

New to this Edition:
• Updated throughout to take into account the increasing number of reported decisions at the IPEC to further illustrate the court’s approach to unique procedures.
• Guidance on costs caps has been updated and changes to the Part 36 regime are covered.
• The chapter on the small claims track has been expanded to acknowledge the increasing number of cases being heard and the growing interest in this forum.
• The section on pre-action considerations now reflects the developing case law on costs, as well as new court issue fees.
• New rules on pre-action correspondence now included.
• Review of the IPEC’s approach to case management, with additional discussion of case management orders relating to inquiries and accounts.
• Analysis of how the court is handling issues of quantum in trials.
• Appendices now include the IPEC Small Claims Guide


1 The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court
2 Jurisdiction
3 Pre-Action Matters
4 Starting Proceedings
5 Case Management
6 Applications
7 Evidence, Experiments and Disclosure
8 Trial
9 Costs
10 Small Claims in the IPE



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