Introduction To Islamic Finance


Introduction To Islamic Finance

Author Mohd Yazid Zu Kepli
Publication Date 2015
ISBN 9789670820576
Format Softcover
Publisher CLJ publication

introduction to islamic is a quick and simple introduction to islamic banking and finance. It covers both theoretical and practical components in a condensed manner that is appropriate for bankers, practitioners, university students, and any reader unfamiliar with the subject. The 2013 Islamic Financial Services Act is also covered in this book, which is helpful and instructive. The growth of islamic finance in a number of Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines, is also extensively discussed in this book.

Those areas covered are:

  • Islamic finance's evolution and historical context
  • The 2013 Islamic Financial Services Act
  • Islamic finance's key characteristics and funding sources
  • General theory of contractsin Islamic law
  • prohibition of gharar, maisir, and riba
  • The governing laws and regulations
  • Regulation and standardisation
  • The delepment of Islamic finance in Southeast Asia
  • Islamic finance's use of shariah contracts
  • Takaful
ISBN: 9789670820576

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