Judicial Management: Fundamental Principles & Analysis


Judicial Management: Fundamental Principles & Analysis

Author Harneshpal Karamjit Singh; Ranjan N Chandran
ISBN 9789674571658
Format Softcover
Publisher CLJ Publications


The primary goal of this book is to highlight Judicial Management as one of the Corporate Rescue Mechanisms that is gaining traction in Malaysia as a viable option for ailing and/or distressed businesses. The book outlines the most important regulations that apply to Judicial Management and the conditions that must be met. This new publication also highlights alternative Corporate Rescue Mechanisms such as Corporate Voluntary Arrangement and Compromise Scheme of Arrangement, making it a useful reference. It's a go-to resource for critical analysis of case law, example cause papers to submit in court, and pertinent regulations, such as those found in the Companies Act 2016 and the Companies (Corporate Rescue Mechanism) Rules 2018. As a bonus, the Judicial Management regimes in Singapore and the United Kingdom are compared and compared for ease of reference.

Table Of Contents of Judicial Management: Fundamental Principles

• Introduction To Judicial Management
• Salient Provisions Under Judicial Management: Companies Act 2016
• Application Of Judicial Management
• Companies (Corporate Rescue Mechanism) Rules 2018
• Judicial Management And Corporate Voluntary Arrangement
• Judicial Management And Compromise Scheme Of Arrangement
• Sample Cause Papers
• Judicial Management In Singapore
• Judicial Management In The United Kingdom

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ISBN: 9789674571658

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