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Law and Practice of Family Law in Malaysia by Lee Swee Seng (General Editor) 

Author Lee Swee Seng (General Editor) and a team of expert contributors
Publication Date Apr 2019
ISBN 9789672187745
Hardcover + Ebook
Sweet & Maxwell

This book offers practical advice and direction from a group of seasoned family law practitioners that will be essential in navigating the choppy waters of a family dispute. Insightful analysis and discussion address current difficulties that both practitioners and judges face (ranging from dissolution of marriage to conflicts of laws in matrimonial disputes in other countries in the civil courts).

The Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) (Amendment) Act 2017 is thoroughly examined. This book also looks at the Syariah Court system, giving readers an overview of Islamic law as it applies to family concerns, whether they are settled through the Syariah Court or through alternative dispute resolution.

This book covers all aspects of Malaysian family law, with a focus on the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976, which governs non-Muslim marriage, divorce, and ancillary reliefs. This book's practical approach benefits both those who are new to Malaysian family law and lawyers who will find the materials and references in this book to be a valuable initial reference.

KEY FEATURES of Law and Practice of Family Law in Malaysia
  • A variety of practical advice on family law practise is included.
  • Experienced family law practitioners make up the panel of contributors.
  • Fully compliant with all applicable legal requirements.
  • With a wealth of excellent local and international case authorities.
  • Child abduction, unilateral conversion, and domestic abuse are among the challenging areas of family law practise.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Law and Practice of Family Law in Malaysia

1: Overview of Family Law in Malaysia
2: The Role of the Family Court in Malaysia
3: Dissolution of Marriage: Jurisdiction and Forum
4: Ancillary Relief: The Law
5: Ancillary Relief: Orders That Can Be Made
6: Marital Agreements: Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements
7: Variation of Maintenance
8: Ancillary Relief: Rules and Procedure
9: Trusts and Divorce
10: The Law Relating to Children
11: Practice and Procedure in Relation to Children
12: Domestic Violence
13: Injunctive Relief in Matrimonial Proceedings
14: Costs
15: Mediation in Matrimonial Disputes
16: Conflict of Laws in Family Issues
17: Overview of Matrimonial Proceedings in other Jurisdictions
18: Overview of Syariah Law in Family Matters
19: Alternative Family Dispute Resolution in the Syariah Court

Appendix: Legal Aid in Malaysian Family Proceedings

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