Law and Practice of Injunctions  in Malaysia

Law and Practice of Injunctions in Malaysia

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"... a treasure trove of knowledge and information and will be the first point of (quick reference on injunctions. It deals with the legal and procedural pre-requisites for injunctions in general, and for special types of injunctions as well."

From the Foreword by YA Tuan S Nantha Balan, Judge of the Court of Appeal


Clear and detailed commentary on substantive law, practice and procedure
Instructive and detailed court forms and precedents by authors who are experienced advocates and solicitors of the High Court of Malaya
Detailed and incisive analysis of judicial considerations in the granting and refusal of injunctions, as well as consequences for non-compliance, supported by relevant authorities
Valuable comparative analysis on the use of injunctive relief as between Malaysia and other jurisdictions
Injunctions present themselves as a challenging exercise for the practitioner. One needs to be fully conversant not only with the practice and procedure in adjectival law by also wiht the substantive law of the cause in question. For this reason, this text has been written not only with the practice in mind by also with the very many areas of practice that may be involved which are as diverse as family law and intellectual property.

This book aims to explain the law, practice and procedure of injunctions in Malaysia. Written and edited by an eminent legal practitioner, in collaboration with a group of expert authors, this publication has been prepared with court lawyers in mind, specifically those with the challenging task of praying for (and prevailing upon the court to grant) relief in circumstances where damages are simply not an adequate remedy.

The extensive coverage includes Mareva injunctions, Anton Piller orders, interim preservation of property, Erinford injunctions, enforcement of injunctions, Fortuna injunctions and applications under the Companies Act 2016, anti-suit injunctions, Worldwide Mareva injunctions as well as injunctions in matrimonial proceedings, insolvency & liquidation, tort, intellectual property and banking.

This book is useful for lawyers, pupils in chambers, officers of the judiciary and other students of the law with an interest in civil practice and procedure.

List of Contributors
Robert Lazar
Toi Tee Toen 
Aarthi Jeyarajah
Yeoh Cho Kheong
Michael Soo
HK Niak
Han Li Meng
Shanti Mogan
Lilien Wong
Gopal Sreenevasan
Tan Shang Neng
Michelle Chew
Rubini Murugesan
Sabin Ann Thomas
Mark Ho
Pang Lixuan
Shamala Devi Balasundaram
Victoria Loi Tien Fen
Lam Ko Luen
Tan Gian Chung
Sanjiv Naddan
Yoong Sin Min
Ng Hooi Huang
Bryan Chen Liang Yi
YN Foo
Kiran Dhaliwal
Fiona Bodipalar
Abigail Shobana Nimbalker 
Sundaradevan Ramachandaran
Wong Wye Wah

Nahendran Navaratnam 


  1. A General Overview of Injunctions
  2. Mareva Injunction
  3. Anton Piller Orders
  4. Interim Preservation of Property
  5. Practice and Procedure 1
  6. Practice and Procedure 2
  7. Practice and Procedure 3 Enforcing the Injunction & Contempt of Court
  8. Injunctions in Relation to General and Extraordinary Meetings and Directors’ Duties
  9. Fortuna Injunctions and Injunction Applications Under the Companies Act 2016
  10. The Anti-Suit Injunction
  11. Restraining Calls on Bank Guarantees, Performance Bonds and Letters of Credit
  12. Injunctions in Relation to Receivers and Managers, Liquidators and Officers of the Court
  13. Injunctive Relief in Matrimonial Proceedings
  14. Injunctions in Tort
  15. Injunctions in Intellectual Property Law
  16. Worldwide Mareva Injunction