Law for Business, 2nd Edition


Law for Business, 2nd Edition

Author Adnan Trakic (Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Publication Date 2018
ISBN 9789672049845
Format Softcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


A legal framework governs the world of business and commerce. Those involved in or desiring to be involved in business must grasp how the law impacts business, trade, and commerce.
Law for Business focuses on the key concepts, precedents, and legislative provisions that govern this area of law, giving students and business professionals a solid foundation in legal theory as well as the practical and applied aspects of Malaysian trade and business regulations. To provide a critical study of the law, a comparison method between local and foreign law has been used when suitable.

A new section on the sale of goods and consumer protection has been included, as well as additional information on company registration. Charts, case summaries, and discussion questions have been added to the text.

KEY FEATURES of Law for Business, 2nd Edition:

  • In one convenient volume, covers all aspects of Malaysian business law that are essential to business students.
  • ProView eBook features enhanced information such as infographics, case summaries, and discussion questions.
  • Written in easy-to-understand language to assist students in quickly grasping the regulations that govern business.
  • Authored by instructors with extensive knowledge of the subject.

KEY CONTENTS of Law for Business, 2nd Edition

  • General Legal System
  • Law of Contract
  • Agency Law
  • Tort
  • Employment Law
  • Business Organisations Law
  • Sale of Goods and Consumer Protection
  • Financial Services Law

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ISBN: 9789672049845

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